Corporate Wellness Packages

Today’s successful business leaders know the unlimited rewards they can expect when they invest in their greatest asset – their employees. It’s no secret… offer the right resources to your employees and your business will prosper.

If you invest in your staff, inevitably your employees will contribute more, perform better, and excel in customer relations. Committed employees directly affect the performance of every business competing in today’s marketplace.

The bottom line is when people look and feel their best, they perform better. Productivity goes up, employee morale increases and the atmosphere within your business takes a turn for the better.

Your employees will appreciate that you’re interested in their overall health and not just profits – but in reality, once their performance increases as a direct result of their enhanced vitality, your profits will increase too!


Corporate Wellness Program

Group Training

We offer , kickboxing, zumba, Boot camp, Yoga , African Dancing , 5k 10k and Marathon training  class

On-Site chair and stretch massage

We offer professionally managed chair massages in New York

Whether it’s promoting corporate wellness in the office to show some employee appreciation for staff members, promoting your company at a trade show or event.


On-Site Biometrics

On-site health screenings to assess, weight, body composition, flexibility, balance and other important biometrics will educate both the individual employee and the organization as a whole as to their specific biometric health risks.

Health & Wellness Education

Providing educational programs within the work-site, as self-study or even on-line are great ways to enhance employee awareness & knowledge. Education & Wellness programs may provide the necessary information for employees to recognize a health problem, motivate them to change, or encourage them to continue good health practices. Examples may include Smoking Cessation, Nutrition Seminars, Stress Management, Weight Management Programs, etc.

Wellness Incentive Programs

Wellness programs are only effective if the majority of employees participate. Developing incentives will increase participation and reward those employees that choose to participate and live healthier lives. Incentives can range from t-shirts and gift cards to benefits linked reductions of employee premium contributions.

Wellness Contests & Challenges

Creating team challenges or other health-related contests can often be an effective way to not only encourage employees to adopt healthy habits but also illicit the help of their peers for encouragement and accountability. Examples may include: Pedometer Challenges, Fitness Contests, Healthy Cooking Days, Weight Management Goals, etc.

Health Coaching

Providing the opportunity for employees to meet in-person and communicate via telephone or e-mail with a health coach is an effective wellness strategy. Health coaching meets the individual at his or her level of need and specific stage of change and will help him or her set realistic health goals and can provide the accountability and help to achieve results.

One-on-One, Prenatal and Postal Training (40%)

One-on-One Bridal training or Bridal Boot camp and Nutrition (30%)

Meal planning & preparation services

Building a healthier world starts with our own employees. We are excited to offer Fitbit watch  to our employees to make it easy for them to manage their health.