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* Get a full one month plan of customize nutrition and training programs

Welcome to Golden Touch Fitness LLC

Golden Touch Fitness LLC is a boutique-style company that offers health and fitness training services. Since 2010, the Company has assisted all its clients to meet and exceed their personal health and fitness goals. President and Founder of Golden Touch Fitness LLC, DeWayne Barrett is a retired Olympian who understands the discipline, tenacity, and exhilaration associated with health and fitness training. A veteran in the health and fitness industry, Mr. Barrett has more than thirteen years of experience garnering thirteen fitness certifications. He is licensed, insured and CPR trained. And as a personal trainer, Mr. Barrett has a 99% success rate as measured by set-and- achieved client/trainer goals; long-standing clients; and clients obtained by referrals from other clients. Whether an individual seeks assistance with strength training; muscle building, shaping, toning; weight loss and management; sport specific training; nutrition; and/or other health and fitness needs, Golden Touch Fitness LLC offers each of our clients the skills, expertise, and experience of our health and fitness professionals. Spearheading the Company, Mr. Barrett uses his knowledge and understanding as a professional to assist clients in optimizing their individual potential and to realize results in the shortest time possible. We are also very pleased to incorporate various training methods to assist each of our clients and we take pride in helping our clients to enjoy their workout sessions and be inclined to stay committed. Golden Touch Fitness LLC enjoys a reputation for quality and integrity and we have established a track record of success and earned the praise of our clients and the respect of our competition. We are very proud of our accomplishments and the work we do to assist all our clients in the field of health and fitness.


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