Golden Touch Fitness is a New York-based, full-service fitness, health and wellness company that was founded over fifteen years ago by former-Olympian, DeWayne Barrett. Having roots in providing personal training services, Golden Touch Fitness has proudly and successfully morphed into a fitness, health and wellness consultation, management, training and service company.  Having a holistic approach, Golden Touch Fitness now serves the fitness, health and wellness needs of individuals; persons and groups in fitness, health, sports and country clubs; hotels; apartment complexes; corporations; companies; schools, as well as, give back to communities by offering similar training and services to under-privileged youths. Please consider an overview of some of our more popular services:   


Personal Training Services


Could include a run, boot camp or a fun workout in scenic or touristic sites of New York City as well as in-home or any venue of choice by individuals and groups.




Could include fitness and facility design and program planning, facility layout and equipment recommendations for newly formed fitness facilities including sports and country clubs, as well as, structure and plan of training for participants.




Could include selection, training and supervision of qualified personnel and staff in implementation of all aspects of fitness and health training.


Fitness Equipment Training Services


Could include on-call personal training and equipment training in any fitness facility and structure.


On-Call Fitness and Health Services


Include being able to reach us at all times with questions, concerns, assistance and training.

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